Backup or Recovery

Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

For most businesses, the data maintained within the office network is vital and any loss of it could cripple your organization. Having a data recovery plan is mission-critical and could protect you from the loss of data in the event that you have hardware or other issues. Advanced Network Technology Solutions (ANTS) provides disaster recovery services in a reliable, affordable, and simplified manner. Our backup and recovery solution will ensure your data continuity by maintaining the copies of your backups in two separate locations and enable your business to minimize downtime in the event of a data loss.

Regular Data Backups and Business Continuity

For businesses that heavily rely upon their data in order to function, longer periods of time without data recovery can be devastating. Companies without an existing data backup and recovery plan may be unable to regain the important data that has been lost costing them time and money. There are a great number of exposures that can be eliminated with regular backups. With the proper plan in place, you will be able to quickly restore your backups to a new drive or computer quickly without a great deal of downtime.

Backup or Recovery

Hardware Failures

In the event that your computer hardware fails, easily restore your data to a new drive or computer.

Human Errors

If someone overwrites or deleted a file in error, roll it back to an earlier version.

Software Corruptions

If a software program or data file gets corrupted, Roll it back to a date before the issue occurred.

Natural Disasters

If you lose a computer in a natural disaster, restore your data to new machines after a disaster.

Our data backup and disaster recovery solution will enable your business to minimize downtime from hardware failure as well as both minimal and catastrophic local natural disasters. Virtual disaster recovery is set to recover a physical or virtual server, thus lowering the costs associated with computers while increasing the efficiency of disaster recovery. Our method for archiving data and files also meets most business’ data storage regulatory compliance.

With a team of skilled and qualified professionals and customizable technology solutions, you can leave the data backup and disaster recovery to us. To learn more about how the services of Advanced Network Technology Solutions can potentially save your business from massive loss, contact us today!

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